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Are you looking for someone to prepare your taxes? Personal or business, lets see how I can help you.

Are you venturing into the cannabis industry? If so, do you understand the affects of IRC section 280E? We should talk – there are strategies.

Have you ever actually reviewed your taxes to see if there are ways that you could have planned better in order to reduce your tax bill moving forward?


Or, are you considering purchasing a large piece of equipment and are unsure as to which depreciation method would be most beneficial to you? Is it best to take the advanced depreciation offered by the IRS now, or use straight line depreciation to get more tax benefits down the road when you may be earning more income?


Have you considered the consequences of IRC section 280E? The way your business is set up can have significant tax consequences in the cannabis industry. You want a tax professional who knows the affect of this unique, and punitive, section of the tax code.


Lets plan your taxes, and business, in order to minimize the amount of taxes you would be sending to the IRS! After all, who wants to pay them more than they have to?

It’s that time of year again! Is your information up-to-date and compiled so that all you have to do is e-mail your information to your tax preparer? Wouldn’t it be easier to send an e-mail with all necessary files attached rather than actually going to your tax preparer’s office only to find out that you forgot a document?

I can help you get the information together in an orderly fashion, make sure your accounts are properly reconciled so that there are fewer necessary post-tax adjustments, and ensure that all information is adequately put together and summarized. The less work your tax preparer must do, the more money you save!

How can I help you?