Helpful videos

Below are some links to videos that may be useful to you in your business. The link to Introduction to IRC 280e gives an overview about 280e and how it can affect your Cannabis business. If you are in, or considering getting in, the Cannabis industry and have not heard of 280e, or would like…

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Financial Considerations in Cannabis

Financial Considerations in Cannabis Are you considering a business in cannabis that contains THC? It is very tempting and can be quite lucrative – provided you have thoroughly planned for some of the financial burdens of getting into this industry. Below are some areas that you need to consider: Business structure: I cannot stress how important…

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Hemp Farming & Fuel Excise Tax Credits

Hemp Farming & Fuel Excise Tax Credits Have you been dabbling in the hemp arena, or more than just dabble, and looking for avenues to save money? Are you wondering if there are tax credits that may be available to you? If so, then you have come to the right place. Over the next few…

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