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Meet Sharon Grimes, MBA, EA

Lets talk about understanding why your financial data is an important tool in managing your business.

Experienced Professional Accountant

Helping businesses acquire the necessary tools to understand the financial health of the business


Would you like to increase your net income?

Lets see how we can increase your net income by minimizing your 280E tax penalty.


Let me help you with your taxes

Business and/or personal

Allow me to be the first to welcome you on your journey to understanding & developing a strategically designed accounting/bookkeeping process to fit your organization’s needs & goals! Together we can create a reporting tool to help your business grow!

The Focus is On Your Business!


There are many ways to design accounting systems and processes. However, every business is unique. Therefore, the accounting/bookkeeping process should be built to best meet the individuality of your business. Done properly, the data extracted from your system will enable you, and other decision makers, to feel confident that the information they have before them is accurate and relevant. I want to help you.


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Join us on December 3rd or 4th for a free webinar: 10 Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

We will be discussing ways to increase cash flow, minimize your tax bill, and maximize your profits.

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How Can We Help You?

Accounting Consultant

Develop your accounting information in a manner that will help you understand and analyze the information collected during specific time periods.
● Develop/revise of Accounts
● Enhance/streamline month-end routines
● Create period end checklists

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Strategies to help increase profits and reduce tax burden.
● What is 280E?
● How can accrual accounting and full absorption costing help?
● Other strategies
● Form 8300

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Is tax season a stressful time for you? It does not have to be. Let me help you:
● File
● Plan
● Understand
● Compile your data

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